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    I can't believe I did this!


      Please, Please help?!


      I was attempting to free up some space on my computer and decided to delete photos off my computers 'Pictures'. I wasn't concentrating and deleted the Adobe file. I didn't realise it was connected to my Photoshop Album Starter Edition!

      I still have the pictures on the Photoshop application but they stay blurred and the computer attempts to connect to them but doesn't seem to find them. I've attempted to recover the photos from the recycle bin but they've seemed to have disappeared. That's all my photos from the last 9 years of holidays, fun times, family etc!!!!


      I so hope I can recover them!



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          cchhaya Level 1

          Since the images have been deleted from the system itself there is no way that the application can recover those images. You can try searching for some restore services or simply try restoring your system to a time when you had not deleted the images. You can reach the restore utility through Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore.