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    Robohelp 8 Stylesheet Error


      I just upgraded a RoboHelp 6 project to Robohelp 8. The CSS file I'm using was fine with all prior versions of RH (used with RHX5, RH6. and RH7).


      Now in RH8, whenever I edit topic text, I get the error message that is attached. None of the styles in my customized CSS begin with a number or have spaces. Only standard CSS naming conventions are used.


      Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Thanks!

      Paul Masalsky


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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Are you willing to share the CSS so that I can see if I get the same error?


          Is it whenever you edit any text regardless of style or just one style?


          The message does not appear until you edit, that is it does not appear as soon as you open the topic?


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            paulmasalsky Level 1

            Sure, the stylesheet is attached. Thank you for your offer to help.

            The error occurs whenever a style is applied or when the "return" key is pressed after applying a style. It does not appear when a topic is opened.


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              Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



              I get the error after using certain styles, such as EMCNumber1 and emcsyntax. Adding P in your style sheet before the style .EMCNumber1 and .emcsyntax solved it in a test project.


              I would seem that RoboHelp cannot understand (it's own) next item syntax correctly when your classes are not linked to a tag, such as P, A, OL, and so on. Even though your style sheet is correct.


              I think that the easiest solution is to open your style sheet in an external editor and add a tag for every referenced class that gives you problem. Judging from your style sheet, you use (almost) all these classes as paragraphs, so all your topics should work fine. If you use a class for several elemens, such as paragrahps and spans, you can create duplicates, such as P.EMCNumber1 and SPAN.EMCNumber1.





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                paulmasalsky Level 1

                Thank you for this very helpful answer. You are right, it looks like I must add element designations to class styles, and duplicate those class styles for each element that uses them.


                This style sheet worked fine for previous versions of RoboHelp. Looks like RH8 is more picky. 


                Thank you again!!


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                  Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                  You may know this already, but in case you don't:


                  Before you do too much work, to easily create duplicate styles, don't copy the styles. Instead, set the styles on the same line and separate with a comma:


                  P.EMCNumber1, SPAN.EMCNumber1