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    PM4 files - need to view - help!


      Newbie here, I have numerous PM4 files which I need to be able to view and/or export to a viewable format and be able to save them. No longer have PM4 software. I know someone out there has the answer to this problem.  I was really glad to find this forum, thank you.

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          BigJohnD Level 3

          Download the PM7 trial, that should open the PM4 files.



          Be aware that you will need the orignal images and fonts for a faithful reproduction.


          From there you can create PDFs, export the text or open them with InDesign.


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          19:09 10/10/2009 BST

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            Patriot4Ever Level 1

            Thank you for the help. I will try your solution and appreciate your response

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              I have several old pm5 files, used them in PM5 last about 5 years ago (edited and printed). They are set up as 28 page A5 booklets.

              They converted fine, I still had all the images and fonts.

              I went to print it on a Brother HL4050 CDN in automatic Duplex and got 1 blank doublesided page and one double sided page blank and only page 1 on the other side (printed as an A5 in the middle of a portrait A4). In other words: no booklet. I asked for 1 copy, it printed the above 3 times (always page 1). I halted the printing.

              Printed it to my PDF printer (PDF995). It created a one A4 page blank document.

              I turned off Automatic Duplex. It printed 3 blank pages and then page 1, 3 more blank pages and then page 2. I halted the printing.


              I have looked everywhere I can think of to find settings for making a folded booklet (or as it was called in PM5: a stapled booklet). Nothing.


              Obviously the idiots at Adobe tell me that support has been discontinued. I need to print these booklets tomorrow. What is wrong? How do I fix this?


              Is there any way to get the booklets into Word or Publisher?



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                BigJohnD Level 3

                There's no way to easily convert the PM5 files to Word or Publisher.


                Assuming your PM5/PC setup is stable, you have three options:


                1. Use PM's "Build Booklet" macro which IIRC is buried in the menus somewhere. Utilities?  It should convert the 28 Portrait A5 pages to 14 A4 Landscape pages ready for duplexing on to 7 sheets of A4.


                2. Use the Booklet facility on your printer driver - if such an option exists for your printer.



                3. Create a PDF of your pages and use Acrobat's Booklet option.  You may need to experiment as Acrobat auto-scales by default.