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    Flex 4 annoyances...




      I work under mac os leopard.

      I have two of them as of now.


      1.  I have an .xml file, that gets loaded during runtime with my air app. It is located in src/assets/ folder

      but I can neither bind it to the release package, nor make flex deploy it during the run.


      2. when I run/debug my air app. from flex,  the window appears slightly off the screen. I need to move app window all the time,

      before my controls there become accessible for a click. can I choose coordinates for this window?

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          for your second question I can't help as I have no issues with the debug window, maybe its a mac thing. As far as setting the window co=ordinates you can do this in a creationComplete function or through settings in the projects app.xml(should be in your source folder).


          When you create a release version of an air app you get the option to select/deselect files in the project path, if you are doing this then the next thing would be to check if you are calling the xml file correctly, ie. are you using a relation path "assets/myfile.xml", loading method, how its bound.


          Its easier when the source that fails is included in a post but this might get you started at least.