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    Code editor/designer suggestions for FB4

    RedOctober57 Level 1

      I'm new to FB4 so please ignore any suggestions that are already included in FB4 that perhaps I just haven't learned about yet.  Please correct me if this functionality exists.  I've found FB4 to have some produtivity drawbacks that prevent me from achieving max efficiency for my time at the keyboard.


      In Design view:


      I should be able to select multiple controls (even of different types) at the same time.  The properties and events lists should consolidate to show only thos properties and events shared by all the controls.  If I then set the visible property to false, this should set the visible proprty to false for all selected controls.


      I should be able to multi-select DataGrid colums in the "Configure Columns" dialog.  Then, I could set properites for several columns at once (like the "visible" property) instead of having to click each column, then click it's visible property to false, then click the next column etc.  (Gets very boring after the first 20 columns)


      Selecting an control in the Design view, then cicking on the Source view should *not* take me to the line in the code that corresponds to the creation of the control.  I usually leave my cursor at some critical point in the code, and I don't want it moved by the IDE unless I tell it to move.  Often I'll be inside a function, and all I want to know is the name of another control.  I pop over to Design view and click on the control to get it's ID property value.  Then I click in the Source view... bang,.. now I'm lost, somewhere 200 lines above where I was just working.  I have to hit page down several times, then click around to reposition my cursor at the spot where I was working... by now, I'm fuming and forgot the name of the control.. back to Design mode... etc.  The way FlashBuilder works now is causing *uncommanded* jumps of my cursor in Source view.  Just leave my cursor in Source view where I left it, please.  See next suggestion.


      If I'm in Design view, and I *double click* on a control, it should switch my view to Source view, then take me to the *most logical* place where I will be doing work, which for most controls is the "Click" method.  But if there is no "click" method, FB4 should take me to Source view and to what other event would be logical.  Only if a control has *no* "logical" event (or no events at all) should the Source view be positioned at the creation line of the control.


      In Source View:


      When I delete every line inside a method of an object and save the file, the declaration lines, the braces, everything to do with that empty method should be deleted.  I'm finding that I have to continually clean up these old lines, because I'm often trying several different approaches to a problem before settling on the one I like best, then I have a mess to clean up.  FB4 should clean this up for me.  (Note:  functions that are *not* a method of an object, I should clean up manually.  Those are different.  If the method contains anything, even a comment (//).. FB4 should leave it alone, not deleted)


      More suggestions to come.  (Note:  I really like the Preferences/General/Keys.  Very powerful!)