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    RoboHelp for HTML - Keyword search in Index not working


      I am back with more indexing 'problems' :) I am using RoboHelp for HTML v7.0.
      I created an Index but in the output, when I try to search for the keyword it acts very weird. Sometimes, the topics with the searched keyword shows up. But most of the time, it shows a topic which is not connected to the particular index keyword. I did check if I had linked the index keywords to the appropriate topics.

      And when I tried to create index using the index wizard, it was slightly a different problem. If I look for a word which is listed as a subindex keyword, then it shows some topic at random!!!! Not connected to the subindex keyword that is being typed in the search box. What could be the problem?

      Help Please!!!!!!!

      Thank you

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Anu

          What you posted would seem to indicate you are maybe misunderstanding and confusing Search with Index. Where exactly (or maybe "HOW" exactly) are you "searching for the keyword"? Are you clicking the Index tab or button, then typing the keyword in? Or are you clicking Search?

          Search should perform a search of all topics in the system that contain the word(s) you are searching for. But Index is different. You enter an Index keyword, then assign topics to that keyword. And they are the topics listed if the user types the keyword into the Index field.

          Cheers... Rick
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            anuradha65 Level 1
            Hi Rick

            I think I was not clear. This is what you see in the output page.

            Three tabs at the top left - Contents (Default), Index, Search
            I click the Index tab.
            The text box "Type in the keyword to find" appears.
            Below this text box is the long list of index keywords and subindex keywords.
            I type a keyword in this text box and a wrong topic comes up.

            The Search feature works fine.
            I click the Search tab.
            The text box "Type in the words to search for" appears.
            When I type a word, all the topics that have the particular search word appear.
            When I click the topic, the content on the right side displays with the searched keyword highlighted.

            I hope I have not confused you more.

            Thank you