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    1080i25 to NTSC DVD, best way

    RyanWM Level 1


      I have some Apple ProRes HQ files that are 1920x1080 25fps.  I assumed it was 1080p but loading a file into Procoder, it is telling me it is interlaced. So not 100% positive on that.


      My question is, what is the best method to convert this to NTSC widescreen mpeg2?   I loaded into AME and exported using the NTSC 23.976p Widescreen High Quality preset (using "maximum render quality") and it came out looking pretty good except there are in some parts small green blocks at the very bottom of the video, maybe 10 pixels or so high (they come in and out at differnt parts of the screen horizontally).  So I thought maybe there was a better way to encode.