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    Where can I find uninstaller for Adobe Reader 9 (Mac)

    Richard Kong

      Dear Adobe,


      I am currently using Mac OSX Snow Leopard with Adobe Reader 9.1. How can I uninstall the Adobe Reader 9.1 ? I have research through the web and found the following:

      1. Double-click the Acrobat Uninstaller file, located in the Adobe Acrobat 9 folder.
      2. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall Acrobat.
      3. In the Authenticate dialog, type the user name and password for an administrator account and click OK. Note: The uninstaller removes only Adobe Acrobat 9 and 9.1 files from the system. It does not remove Adobe Reader files, Acrobat user data, or files that are shared with other Adobe applications.

      The problem is there is NOT such Acrobat Uninstaller inside the Adobe Acrobat 9 folder. What I did was install it again and another problem I faced. I got two Adobe Reader 9.1 inside my Application.


      Any soulution or suggestion I can take to execute the problem I faced?