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    add a TextArea to a Sprite, in a Flex project

    Valerio Bruno

      Hi guys!

      I'm fighting with this problem and i can't get the solution.


      I've a Flex project (in FB 3.0.1) with a Sprite in which i do some drawings (coded in AS3). The Sprite is wrapped in UIComponent, that is contained in a WindowedApplication.


      Now, i want to display a TextArea in the Sprite. As long as i understood i can't add an mx.controls.Textarea to Sprite (i tried it and nothing is displayed), but i can use fl.controls.TextArea.


      i tried to import fl.controls.TextArea but FB can't find the package. How can i include it in build path ? Where i can find the right SWC ?


      Before you suggest me to recompile library sources i tell you i don't own Flash CS and i don't know where to find sources.


      http://livedocs.adobe.com/flash/9.0/ActionScriptLangRefV3/fl/controls/TextArea.html says Runtime AIR 1.0 and Player 9.0.2 . Why it's not included in FB 3 ??