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    AE motion stabilizing (not Mocha)


      I am tracking motion in a clip in order to stabilize it. I'm using AE CS4's motion stabilizer (not Mocha). It's an aerial shot and so eventually the tracking box goes off screen.


      How do I continue to track the shot? The help manual is not clear (at least to me) on exactly what I need to do next.


      Can anyone advise me?  Thanks.

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          Taverino Level 2

          Any reason why you can't add multiple track points to that layer by pressing "Stabilize Motion" multiple times in Tracker Panel?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            If you do a search, you should be able to find a post about a technique involving Null objects and parenting to stitch multiple tracks together. Basically you do one track, but apply the motion to the Null, parent the layer to be tracked to it to get the motion, then track the second segment. The reasonb here is, that appended tracks will often have completely different values, so directly continuing almost never works. Another classic tip is, to place multiple duplicates of the clip side by side in a pre-comp, but with differnt time offsets, so it looks like one big panorama. then this pre-comp could be tracked and the result used with some manual intervention...



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              film418 Level 1

              Mylennium...although I haven't tried your suggestions yet, I think you nailed it, so thank you. I have masses of helicopter footage shot on the Red camera that I need to stabilize and I think this is going to work save my tail.


              If you picture a shot from a helicopter flying forward 100 feet above the ground, you can see that the scene changes constantly making it impossible to track in one pass. I will report back on my experience with this for others who might have to work with aerial footage.


              Thanks again.