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    Flash or premier


      Hello and thanks for reading my post,


      I have four components that I'm trying to make a video of which I want to post online.


      1. I have a screencast which I put together which will show how to use an application called vmware.  This has audio and video showing actions I am performing on my desktop.
      2. I have a video of myself I want to add.
      3. I have some photoshop graphics I want to add.
      4. I might have some extra sound files I want to add.


      I want to bring all these components together and be able to edit them and then post them on my blog as a video.  Or may even post them on Youtube.


      My question is what tool do I use to bring them together, edit them, and then save them in a format that I can upload online?


      Should I use premier or flash?


      Thanks in advance for you assistance!