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    How to go from movie to pdfs and back to movie - gracefully


      Hi All,


      I followed Hunt's instructions for how to burn pdfs to folder and burn that folder and VIDEO_TS folder to disc and it worked great.


      Now I need to know how to gracefully move viewer from movie to pdf folder.  I inserted a Stop marker that takes viewer back to Main Menu at the appropriate time, but I don't see a way to add a Menu Item that closes the media player and/or takes them directly to the pdf folder stored on the disc.  I had to manually close the media player, open the Computer window, right click the DVD drive and select "Open" to see the pdf folder.


      And once viewer reviews the pdf, how do I lead him/her back to the movie menu to watch the rest of the movie?  When I clicked on VIDEO_TS, the folder opened to reveal the files within, but there was no indication of how to restart the movie.