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    unable to load adobe employeedirectory


      hi guys


      i downloaded the source code from http://www.adobe.com/devnet/air/flex/samples.html


      i tried to create a project with the same name EmployeeDirectory  but it doesnt run.  ive tried in FB4 and FLEX3


      im trying to find out how they created the box effect where it is from small and when i click it expands

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          mewk Level 3

          in flash builder (i'm using beta 2, but shouldn't matter) import the project using the zip file. when it prompts you on which sdk version to use, choose 3.4. now, drill into the src folder and open the .xml file. replace the namespace with


          (which should be the second line from the top).


          run app.


          - e


          btw, this is a bug and can be referred to here:http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-15687


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            elliotwilliams77 Level 1

            hi mewk


            thanks alot for your reply! ... it works perfectly.  i used FB 4  beta2 ...


            now i have to zip through the millions of lines of code just to find out how they are creating the box.  i like how they make the small box become a bigger box.


            being a newbie to programming is gonna take alot of effort to find it...


            any hints on which class i need to look up on?  

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              mewk Level 3



              Most of the code you are looking for will be found in the com.adobe.empdir.ui folder. You should not be 'zipping through millions of lines of code.' There are reasons we use IDEs like FB/Eclipse!!


              Start by looking at the package hierarchy, make a note of the general structure and poke around anything unfamiliar (i.e. I noticed the manager folders housed singleton classes used for centralizing application data). Then head into the main file and control click your way through the code like you're hacking through the jungle. This should give you some sense of how the app was designed.


              But really a word of caution: This app is fairly complex and not meant for beginners; its usefulness to the student is really in its overall design structure. If all you're interested in is how the box smoothly transitions its size, check out transitions and effects.


              I recommend you play around with Flex a bit more, check out some blogs (there are a number of great bloggers on this very forum), design some small apps (10+ classes) and then come back to the employee app.


              Best o luck,


              - e