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    Is my PE8 project too big?


      Hi there,


      After struggling for over 40 hours to get Windows Movie Maker to encode my 15 minute video project I downloaded a trial of Premiere Elements 8 with high hopes. I LOVE the PE interface by the way...so professional yet approachable to the novice consumer user. I'm wondering now if my project is just too big. Now that I have all my video clips loaded I'm trying to edit down and PE keeps crashing.


      I'm on a Windows Vista SP2 32-bit PC with 2GB Memory and Intel Core Duo 2 processor. 20GB free on the local hard drive and plenty of external memory (though I'm not using it yet).


      My project currently consists of over 40 short-ish video clips with a total run time of 12 minutes (I'm trying to create a compilation video of my kid's first year). The video source is from a Sony DV camcorder (MPG format) and a FLIP Ultra camcorder (AVI converted to WMV). I've also loaded in 5 music files in WMA and MP3 formats. Eventually I'd like to add some JPG photos as well but I've obviously hit some limit. I have successfully loaded all these files with apparently no conversion issues (once I converted the FLIP AVIs to WMVs) and can play through the scenes. The crashes happen when I'm in the middle of trimming individual scenes (making them shorter) and when I attempt to add a menu.


      So, is my project too big? What's the best way to size up my project and determine if it's just too big for Premiere Elements? What are the project size and individual file size limitations of the software? Do I need to start over and just add and edit video clips one at a time (and dropping some content along the way)? How much do I need to drop?




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          rawatts Level 1

          I don't think your project is too big, but I will suggest a few things to try.  I would not convert flip camera video to wmv, but to leave it in avi or if it is not the type of avi that Elements likes convert it.  You are a little short on free disk space, but I don't think that is the problem - best to use two or three hard drives with elements.  You could try converting MPG to AVIs.  I have completed many projects with MP3s and have less experiance with WMA.  I am not sure what you mean when you talk about external memory.  If it is an external hard drive with an esata  connection that should be fine, but usb can be too slow.



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            MobiMel Level 1

            This is helpful, thanks. I initially tried loading my FLIP AVIs directly into my project but PE could not convert them. I got black screens or snowy screens. I then tried converting the FLIP AVIs to DV_AVIs using Windows Movie Maker as suggested on this forum. However that resulted in GINORMOUS file sizes (one of my longer clips for example went from 15MG to 90 MG!). With more than 40 clips that would definitely max out my disk space in a hurry.


            Per  FLIP customer support suggestion I converted to WMV which created a nice little file size that PE seems to be able to work with...though I have lost some quality.


            Is there a better way to convert those FLIP AVIs into something that PE can interpret?


            By external storage I mean external drives. I agree that keeping the clips on the external drive would slow things down.


            I did finally get an error before PE crashed the last time saying that it had run out of system memory. So I've started over and am rebuilding my project one clip at a time...editing each clip as I bring it in before moving on to the next clip. I'm hoping that will work better and avoid the crashes I was experiencing.


            Any other suggestions would be much appreciated. Still looking for some quantitative understanding of any project or file size limitations PE might have...or maybe it's my system. Is the 2GB processor not enough? Yikes!




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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              From the FAQs to the right of this forum:


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                MobiMel Level 1



                Thanks for pointing this out. I saw this suggestion on the forum last night but went with Windows Movie Maker because it was already on my system. When the conversion quadrupled the file size I got a little worried and that's why I went to the WMV format.


                So are folks trying to tell me to stay away from WMV? Is it problematic? So far it seems to be working in my project but I'm still just in the Timeline phase.


                If I use this suggested freeware to convert my files are they going to get larger as they did when I used WMM for conversion. If I'm having trouble with PE crashing now I expect it will only get worse if the file sizes get bigger.





                p.s. great forum! How encouraging to get help and answers so quickly!

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                  rawatts Level 1

                  You should follow both of Steve's links.


                  I am waiting for my copy of PE8, but with PE7 and a less powerful computer than yours I have been able to edit projects with hundreds of video clips (with many effects and transitions) DV-AVI and stills with project of over 2 hours on the timeline.  I do have 4GB of memory and a few hard drives, but I suspect memory is not your main problem.



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                    MobiMel Level 1

                    OK, thanks for the tip. I did install and try the Prism software. It's super easy to use but as I suspected it created a 93MB file from a 15MB file. Is this your experience in creating DV-AVI files? This seems excessive in terms of file size.

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      No, it is exactly the point.


                      Video uses one of thousands of codecs (compression methods) created for different purposes. Inside your camcorder, because it records to a flash drive, the priority is space, so it uses a codec that is highly compressed.


                      But highly compressed codecs -- especially when they're specifically created by a manufacturer, as in this case -- don't edit well. So you've got to convert it to something more universal, with an emphasis on quality. The AVI using the DV codec is the universal language of PC based video editors.


                      But DV-AVIs are large by nature. About 13 gigabytes per hour -- or about a gigabyte for every 4 or 5 minutes of video. That's why, as every video editor knows, the first priority in any video editing computer is lots and lots of free, defragmented hard drive space.

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                        I had the same problem. Maybe it is with the project configuration of presets.I am trying with those presets. hdv 1080i seems ok but not dv ntsc. I dont know exactly what presets I have to use, but for me there is a key there.

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          This would definitely be worth addressing in your own thread, Marc. (If we try to address too many people in one thread, it just gets confusing.)


                          Please start your own forum topic and tell us more about the camcorder you're getting your video from and which project settings you're using to edit.