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    CorrelationID/MessageID and automation

      I apologize for potential ignorance. I'm fairly novice to flex, silkperformer and many other things. :)

      We have a flex site that I'm attempting to automate tests for. SilkPerformer was recommended because of its Flex support.

      However, I am receiving errors when I encounter spots in the code where messages are sent. Specifically, if I'm passing the correlationID, SilkPerformer gives a "content transformation error." Since the correlationID and messageID are created dynamically at the time the message is sent, I suspect I need to dynamically inject a correlationID and/or messageID into my automation in order to get it to validate properly.

      So, my question is (and again...novice), how can I get at the expected correlationID and messageID so that I can send them properly.