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    Require help controlling the time line of movie with AS 2.0

    David Beam

      I am trying to control a movie clip via action script through a button.
      My Flash File has a master movie clip "masterMC" that contains all of
      the movie clips for the flash movie.  It is essentially a calendar that
      when the user clicks on a date a small box pops up with the event(s)
      scheduled for that day.


      Inside "masterMC" there is a movie clip "calendar" and a movie clip
      "events" both with similar instance names.  Inside the "calendar" movie
      clip are calendar graphics of different months (oddly enough) where the
      dates on which an event falls is a button symbol.  I have a layer in the
      "masterMC" that holds the action script for the buttons.  I am trying
      to, when a button I pressed, trigger a specific frame to play in the
      "events" movie clip that brings up the box with the events.  One of my
      button's code looks like:


      Oct18_btn.onRelease = function (){


      I have verified all instance names, frame names, letter case etc... And
      cannot figure out why when I test the movie nothing happens when I click
      the button.  Is there a problem in the code or could it be something
      else?  Thank you.