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    Adobe Media Encoder Install Problem



      I am encountering some problems when trying to start Adobe Media Encoder. It jumps to two successive "Adobe Media Encoder" install screens (one for the exporter, one for the importer) After some loading time, it displays an error message "Installation was unsuccessful. Restarting Adobe Media Encoder will trigger the installer again. Please contact Adobe Technical Support if this problem persists." It then goes to the Adobe Media Encoder screen.I can load files, and export them, but I am unsure what is wrong that makes it complete this "install/installation unsuccessful" sequence every time I try to open the program or export in Premiere Pro.

      I have tried re installing Premier Pro and Adobe Media encoder, and it does not work. Also, I have tried updating, to no avail.

      I attached pictures of the install screen, and the error screen.

      I am currently using a student liscence of Adobe Production Premium, Windows version.

      Thank you for the help