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    Book Writing


      I'm really excited about Adobe Story but how can I use it for other writing projects like book writing? I see the option for Novel and Custom but I gather that it still forces you to write in script mode. Is there a way to get round this or do I just have to wait and for how long?

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          AnubhavRohatgi Adobe Employee

          While you can write free form documents like the character bio in Story, I am not sure if Story will be what you need to write a book. We are really focusing on scriptwriting and leveraging the script for production efficiencies.


          Story will allow you to collaborate with others but Story is really not meant for book writing.


          I suggest that you try using buzzword on Acrobat.com



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            Then please pull your demo as it shows him USING the "novel" option!   I was so excited about this product after reading the demo, would have invested, and now so disapointed.


            If you aren't going to offer it, don't demo it.


            Please don't



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              AnubhavRohatgi Adobe Employee

              You are right. We fixed this in the application long time ago but we still

              see value in leaving the demo as is since it talks more about the script

              workflow than the novel workflow. People will find it valuable.



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                IAmThatStrange Level 1

                Adobe actually feels that having a demo showing features they have absolutely no intention of offering is a good idea?




                They cannot invest in redoing the demo so that they garner good will?  It's not worth the minute amount of $ to fix it so that they don't irritate people (as I've found several posts about this very issue).


                Sad day for Adobe.