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    Animated Movieclip Button

      Here is the scenario: I want to create a movieclip-button, that moves 100px to the right on rollOver and 100px to the left on rollOut from its starting position, onRelease i want it to move -50px from it strarting position and the text should change colour. Sound easy, I thought. The button keeps running from rollover to rollout and when i click on it nothing happens. Can somebody please help me with some actionscript for this problem.
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Yikes! I hope this button is some kind of joke for whoever's trying to use it. As you have it, as soon as you roll over it jumps to the right, away from the cursor, so it then follows the rollOut command.

          As for the onRelease, you are using onReleaseOutside, which works for that interaction, but is not the same thing as onRelease. The onReleaseOutside functions when you click down on a button and then move the cursor off of the button before releasing (normally an "I changed my mind about clicking this button" interaction).