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    Flash Player updates for the PS3


      Hello everyone.


      I'm writing this post because it seems there is a lack of support and updates regarding Adobe Flash player for the Sony PS3 and also to show that there is a demand for such an update to be made.


      It appears the BBC is making an effort, even though PS3 users do not have the latest Flash Player, you can still catch up on all missed BBC shows on the new official BBC iPlayer support for the PS3. See the link below.




      The current version of Flash Player for the PS3 is outdated (on the latest UK firmware v3.01 at the time of this post) and after spending an hour scouring the internet for news on a forthcoming update, with no success, I've decided to come hear and ask why that is?


      So why is the Sony PS3 always more than 12 months behind on these updates?


      Please answer, for I and many others I'm sure, want to know.