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    Premiere Pro CS4 disables aero on launch inWin 7 64Bit

    thestonefox79 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have an odd problem, I've just received my copy of Win 7 Signature edition and I have installed Adobe Preimiere Pro CS4, but when I launch the application it disables my Aero theme!


      I've been running win7RC1 (buld 7100) for the last few months and never had the problm with Premiere Pro CS4 in that.


      For some reason, now running premiere pro cs4 is causing the Windows 7 Desktop Window Manager to stop running.


      I know this because I can run premiere, it then disables aero, then i run the aero troubleshooting (with premiere still running) and it will re-enable aero (by restarting the desktop window manager) and then tell me the desktop windows manager is disabled.


      Does anyone know why Premiere Pro CS4 is disabling the Desktop Window Manager when it first runs and how I can stop it from turning off Aero?


      I don't want aero turned off and have to manually turn it back on with the troubleshooter!


      I also have version 4.0.1 of CS4 so I've done the Adobe updates. I also have the latest NVidia drivers for my 8800GT (downloaded 2 days ago)