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    My favorite tools

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      Everybody has their own set of favorite tools, but often one is searching for even better ones. I made this overview not to tell you what to use, but what my personal favorites are. I invite you to share your experiences so that we may 'define'  a required set of tools to make your system more stable and performing even better. I have divided the tools into several categories, so you may find useful ones rather easily. It is in no way complete, there are many more tools available, but these are my favorites.


      Hardware Monitoring


      CPU-Z: http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php for monitoring clockspeed and memory timings


      PSU Calculator Pro: http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculator.jsp for showing PSU requirements, including the ageing of PSU's


      HWMonitor: http://www.cpuid.com/hwmonitor.php for monitoring voltages, fan speed and temperatures


      Speedfan: http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php for monitoring voltages, fan speed and temperatures


      Both HWMonitor and Speedfan are advised, because they show some different measurements, especially on the voltages. Both suppliers have been informed on the discrepancy between their programs and hopefully will act on them


      Disk Optimization


      Perfect Disk 10: http://www.perfectdisk.com/ for disk defragging


      Diskeeper: http://www.diskeeper.com/diskeeper/home/diskeeper.aspx for disk defragging


      Tweaking & Cleaning


      CCleaner: http://www.ccleaner.com/ for cleaning up temp files, cookies, registry and managing startup programs


      1Click PC Fix: http://www.ccleaner.com/ for serious registry cleaning


      PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer: http://www.perfectdisk.com/products/home-perfectspeed/learn-more for managing registry clean up, defragging and finding duplicates


      SysInternals: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/default.aspx for optimizing or debugging purposes on-the-fly, most notably with Process Eplorer, Process Monitor and Autoruns, but also a lot of other usefull utilities are included.


      TweakNow PowerPack: http://www.tweaknow.com/powerPack.html for registry tweaking and general maintenance


      Screen capture


      SnagIt: http://www.techsmith.com/screen-capture.asp for screen captures


      Benchmarking & Testing


      Cinebench R10: http://www.maxon.net/index.php?id=162&L=0 for measuring video performance


      HDTach: http://www.maxon.net/index.php?id=162&L=0 for measuring disk performance


      PassMark: http://www.passmark.com/products/pt.htm for measuring overall performance


      PPBM4: http://ppbm4.com/ for measuring Premiere Pro CS4 performance


      File Management


      Beyond Compare: http://www.scootersoftware.com/ for file management, copying and finding duplicates


      Treesize Professional: http://www.jam-software.com/treesize/ for disk space management


      Total Commander: http://www.ghisler.com/ for generic file management




      Scenalyzer: http://www.scenalyzer.com/main.html for capturing SD material


      HDVSplit: http://strony.aster.pl/paviko/hdvsplit.htm for capturing HDV material


      CD & DVD Tools


      Easy CD-DA Extractor: http://www.poikosoft.com/ for audio ripping, conversion and disk creation


      PowerDVD: http://www.cyberlink.com/products/powerdvd/overview_en_US.html for playing DVD and BRD's


      Nero: http://www.nero.com/enu/nero9-introduction.html for duplicating disks on multiple burners simultaneously


      Install tools


      nLite: http://www.nliteos.com/ for creating slipstreamed installation disks for XP


      vLite: http://www.vlite.net/ for creating slipstreamed installation disks for Vista


      Video tools


      GSpot: http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ for identifying the codec in use


      Media Info: http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en for identifying the codec in use


      Lagarith: http://lags.leetcode.net/codec.html a visually lossless codec


      HuffYuv: http://neuron2.net/www.math.berkeley.edu/benrg/huffyuv.html another visually lossless codec


      Bitrate calculator: http://dvd-hq.info/bitrate_calculator.php?PHPSESSID=6501b6b2b31f4c4a295bc8c2ba1e6f57#Calcu lator


      I hope we can extend on this list with your suggestions, so in the end we may have a good list of tools that people can consult when they are looking for specific utilities. It is not my initial intention to include specific tools like ripping software, plug-ins to PR and the like, but only the more generic tools. Hence no mention of MainConcept, Morgan and the like.