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    swf files do not load correctly anymore...


      I maintain a site with many online  tutorials (www.edutorials.gr) that i record with various desktop recording software and export them in swf format. The last few months some of these tutorials do not load correctly, and freeze after few seconds.

      • These swf tutorials originally played ok (Few months ago)
      • The other swf tutorials continue to play ok
      • I used the same software for recording and exporting in swf format most of the tutorials for the site
      • I have tried to open the problematic swf files with various browsers and flash players (both on line and locally in my pc) and they always behave the same
      • Here is (http://edutorials.gr/drupal-admin-settings1) a swf file that freezes and
      • Here is (http://edutorials.gr/gimp-fire-smoke) another one that continues to behave ok


      Any ideas why this happens? I don't have a clue