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    Drop shadow is hard...

    shunithD Level 3

      AI CS3 on Win XP


      Must be doing something wrong... but can't figure out what...


      File size is 98x140cm


      Scene 1: RGB file. Drop shadow on a box is nice and soft. Headline has text with drop shadow.


      Scene 2: CMYK file. Same content (more or less) Drop shadow on headline is same as above. The catch. Everytime i try to create a shadow around the box, the shadow edges are hard.


      Have tried the following (not necessarily in order):


      1. Apply shadow to existing box -> shadow hard

      2. Create new box -> shadow hard

      3. Create new box - small -> shadow fine. Size up and shadow goes hard

      4. Create new file. Same as above
      5. Copy box from RGB file and paste. Shadow goes hard.


      Effect -> Stylize -> Drop Shadow



      Mode - Multiply

      Opacity - 75%

      X offset - 0.9cm

      Y offset - 0.9cm

      Blur - 0.9cm

      Color - shade of grey

      Darkness - unchecked


      Box size is 85x78 cm


      (I finally got around the problem by using a file where the box was large and drop shadow was ok and pasting the other content in... )


      Any thoughts?