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    Host has disabled mysql_pconnect - Make DW ADDT use mysql_connect


      My host has recently disabled mysql_pconnect for 'security reasons' and its upset my Mac Dreamweaver CS4 installation.


      I've researched possible solutions and have updated the following files with mysql_connect instead of pconnect





      I have also cleared the site cache and the Dreamweaver cache file


      I've changed the connection php file in the root/connections directory to use mysql_connect


      However Dreamweaver will not connect the the database and display its contents. This means that I can't use ADDT to create dynamic pages as the server behaviours require access to the database to build the SQL query.


      Has anyone had any success getting Dreamweaver to use mysql_connect instead of pconnect? Is there anything else I need to reset or change?


      I can't edit the php.ini file or anything else on the server as I use a remote hosting company.