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    Pro CS4 Problem viewing HD video in program monitor


      I’m having a problem with Premiere Pro CS4.  When viewing HD video in the program monitor, the video plays normally for about 3 or 4 seconds and then quickly degrades to a jerky motion or will freeze on a frame for 5 or 6 seconds then jumps to another frame.  If I pause the play, it will do the same.  Play normally for a few seconds then degrade.  The audio all the while plays normally.  I don’t have this problem with SD video, only HD.  I still have CS3 installed and do not have this problem with HD on that version.  The hardware I am using meets or exceeds all the recommendations (not minimum recommendations) for HD editing.  I have tuned and tweaked the XP system, stayed current with all the updates, done disk maintenance, have tried all combinations of scratch disk assignments, checked sequence settings, optimize rendering for performance or memory, etc., and nothing has made a difference.  I even tried reinstalling CS4.  When I export the video to encore, the HD video created plays fine on my computer.  I’m at a loss as to what to try next other than go back to CS3 that works fine (with the same hardware system).  I like some of the features in CS4 and like to keep current with software products so I would sure like to fix this problem.  Without being able to see a reasonable representation of what my finished video will look like is frustrating too say the least.  I was considering buying a new computer but am reluctant to put the blame on hardware since CS3 works fine as does Pinnacle on my equipment.  I’m hoping it’s a simple tweak that someone else has encountered and found a fix for.