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    Error: "Access of undefined property"

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      I would like you guys to see this page first. LINK


      There are three layer list in 3 HDivideBoxes. Also, there are three buttons "Step 1", "Step 2", "Step 3". When you click the Step1 button, there is a titlewindow popup.


      What I wish to do is, show each of the above layer list into the titlewindow. So, when you click on "Step 1" the titlewindow shows the first layer list. "Step 2" shows the second layer list... so on


      I have a "Access of undefined property myDynamicServie" error in the map_wizard.mxml file.


      I want to know how do I define the mydynamicservice map into the map_wizard.mxml file.


      Please help


      Thank you.