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    Flex application that consumes excess memory.


      We developed and application in flex which can show graphs with nodes
      and edges. the node is represented by an SVG image. We are seeing that
      the browser memory consumption for the application with a graph that has
      2000 nodes goes to 500MB and the browser becomes un-responsive. when the
      graph with 10 nodes is displayed then the memory consumed is not
      reclaimed back. We tried System.gc() in the code to force run the
      garbage collector and it didn't reclaim. Due to which the browser
      becomes un-responsive.

      Another interesting thing is I ran the Flex profiler thought the
      application The Flex profiler shows the memory consumption as 21,15 1K
      which is ~21MB where as the actual Browser consumption is 456,568K Which
      is ~457MB

      Application Consumption ~21MB (Shown by profiler)
      Flash Player Shows a memory consumption of ~250MB
      Total Browser Consumption was ~457MB

      The Question is why does flash player consume ~250MB and browser
      consules ~457Mb when the application objects consume only ~21MB.

      PS: Browser is running only this flex application

      How can I reclaim all the memory that the Browser is showing in excess?
      Is that a memory leak? How can I see memory leaks in profiler?

      For knowing what kind of graph it is please visit