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    How to publish a small size flash site


      I have made a total flash site but the exported site is 50 mb!!

      Not a usable size, so I want to know how to make this site 'smaller'.

      there are a ton of flash sites on the www, so I must do something wrong..

      What is the normal file-size for a flash site?


      pleas help.




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          RossRitchey Level 4

          Typically a flash file only gets that large when you embed a lot of images or video.


          If you want to shrink the size of the SWF, you will want to externalize those assets somehow.  If video, use progressive download and an FLVPlayback component.  If images, save them to a directory and load them at runtime with a Loader component.  Audio can be loaded at runtime very easily as well.


          If there is detailed animation over the video that isn't interactive, export the entire animation as a video, and then load that in another file to decrease initial load time.


          Typically, these days, a good size SWF comes in around 1-2 MB.  Ideally it would be much smaller than that, wherein the initial load should really be about 30-60 kb, so it will open in 1-3 seconds on a 56k connection, and then all other assets load after the initial load.