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    RoboHelp X5 activation (yet again)

    M-C Hammer

      Hello everyone

      It has been ages since I posted here and I haven't used RoboHelp X5 in ages (We have migrated our project to MadCap Flare) so please bear with me.

      I need to open an historical project with RH X5 to have a look at some CSH stuff.

      To my surprise, I am asked to activate my copy of RH X5 and have discovered on the Internet that this was a known issue.

      I read snippet 100 of Peter Grainge's website and tried to follow the steps described there and in


      However, or I need new glasses, or I am very tired, but I cannot find the mentioned X5.0.1 and X5.0.2 patches (looks like their hyperlinks have been removed from the document), nor the links that are apparently provided for cases where the auto-update feature is not accessible (which is my case, I cannot get in).

      Can someone help?

      Thanks in advance!