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    Why Retrieving data using web service does not work


      Hy folks I am a newbie in Flex


      I created a web service in ASP.NET for retrieving data from de Northwind file ins an SQL server.


      It works well


      After that I created the following Flex application using the wbe service to obtain the data from the web service

      and show it in a data grip, but it doesn't work. No data appears in my grid.


      What is the problem Whi is it not working ?









      id="Mydados" wsdl="http://localhost:1456/Service1.asmx?wsdl"




      <mx:operation name="customerList"/>








      <mx:DataGrid x="147" y="158" dataProvider="{Mydados.customerList.lastResult}"







      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Clientes" dataField="CustomerID"




      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="empresa" dataField="CompanyName"




      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="nome contato" dataField="ContactName"









      Thanks in advance