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    New Window - No Toolbars

    mattrichards Level 1

      Thanks to everyone who's been so helpful on this board, especially try67, who seems to be a pervasive source of wisdom on all things Acrobat scripting related.


      I have scripted the addition of a button to the Acrobat toolbar which, when pressed, copies the active document to a network location. It then opens a second PDF, which will ultimately be a form that accepts user input by way of radio buttons, drop downs, text fields and other standard UI elements. This form, when submitted, will create a JDF file (essentially a text-based XML file) to the same location as the PDF, and will then close.


      (For those interested, I am automating hot folder submissions of PDFs for preflight, color processing and RIPing to a fleet of large format color inkjets and small format color lasers. The JDF file is being created for cost accounting and inventory management, and to control output options. The PDF and JDF are picked up by PowerSwitch, sent to an instance of Pitstop Server and Alwan CMYK Optimizer, and then to a Fiery XF RIP for the inkjets, and standalone Fiery's for the small format lasers.)


      What I'm wondering is, what is the best way to open this PDF form in a new window, with no toolbar, menubar, or window controls?


      A few notes:


      1. I have configured the PDF form document to open without window controls manually by setting "Hide window controls" in the Document Properties > Initial View settings. This works.
      2. I have also enabled "Hide menu bar" in the Document Properties > Initial View settings, but this does not work. The menu bar is still displayed.
      3. I have not enabled "Hide tool bars" in part because Acrobat will not allow for all three options to be selected, apparently for security reasons. That said, even if I do select it (by disabling one of the other settings), the toolbar is still displayed, I believe because my script is adding a custom button to it, which causes for it to be visible again.


      I am a little hesitant to use the Initial View settings to accomplish all of this. Is there some way to write a script that would live on the document that would hide the menu bar, tool bars and window controls?


      Any thoughts are appreciated.