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    Need script to insert pages with specified master

    Cyndee M Level 1

      Several years ago, someone here (I think Dave, maybe Ole) helped me out by giving me a short script that when run added a blank page (with a specified master page different from the previous page) after each page of a document.


      I've had an emergency reformat of my system and have lost that script which I need constantly for work projects. I tried searching here, but it was before the current forum setup (I think around 2 years ago) and I can't find a way to get to the archives.


      If anyone can either provide me with the java script code for this or point me to the old messages about it, I'd be very appreciative.


      And, BTW, I am now using CS4 (though I'm sure the script I've been using was from an older version).


      Thank you.