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    Chart dataTipFunction and loading data via HTTPService


      Hi everyone,

      I have a problem and I hope someone is able to give me a hint.

      I am using a chart with data points. At the moment I am using a datatipFunction in order to give each point a "tooltip".

      Now I need the ability to load some data via httpservice and display this as tooltip instead of the original value while being over a point.

      It is needede because of a lot of data and a continuous minimal change of its values. I don't want to reload every possible data. Only examined datatips should be updated.


      mouse over datapoint --> tooltip: "please wait, while updating" --> httpservice finished --> tooltip: "new data xyz"


      The datatip function only returns a string, that is displayed as tooltip. If the datatip function calls a httpservice, how can I update that tooltip text?

      Any ideas?