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    How do I go back 30 frames? Please help me!


      Hi everybody.


      I'm new in using Flash CS3, and now I'm working at a slideshow using AS 1 & 2. I think my problem is very simple, and my question could sound stupid to most of you. I searched something similar in these forums, but I couldn't find the right answer.


      In my slideshow, I've some images and just two buttons, back and forward. Forward button works, I used


      on (release) {


      for it. For back button I used


      on (release) {


      but it doesn't work. When I publish the slideshow, and I click on the back button, the movie goes to a blank page, that I don't even have in my .fla file! What is the problem?

      Could someone help me please?


      I forgot: back and forward button are on the same layer for the full lenght of the timeline. Did I miss something?


      Thanks in advance!