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    external text in variables

    notgoodatflash Level 1
      hi I'm making a flash movie that contains about 50 buttons. at the moment, i've got each button's action set to:

      on (release) {
      gotoAndPlay("lots", 1);
      title = "LOT No. 13";
      status = "AVAILABLE";
      price = "Contact Listing Agents for details";

      what I need to do here is call the info from external files. so I'll have 1.xml, 2.xml, etc. Each one of these xml files will contain the proper info I need pulled when someone clicks on one of the buttons, BUT I do not know how to make this happen. Tutorials have not helped me at all as of yet.

      can someone make me a quick sample .xml file and a code snip that I can use on each button? it must include that gotoAndPlay("lots", 1); so that I can re-use the same scene i'm using now and the new action should call the proper xml file to load in three variables: (title, status and price) are the variables I've got set at the moment.