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    Mac CF8 will not start with Java 1.6

    craigkaminsky Level 3
      I was reading a bit yesterday on problems with calling web services on CF8 Mac using Java 1.5.x (in short, you can't use web services). The proposed solution was to upgrade to Java 6/1.6 and make that the default JDK on Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.4). I have Java 1.6 installed but when I make it the default JDK (I can verify this is the correct JDK in Terminal), CF8 (8.0.1) will not start (from a Terminal command or the CF Launcher). It says it cannot initialize the JVM.

      I understand that Java 1.6 will dramatically slow down CF8 on a Mac but I do need to get web services going for local development on an application. I'm thinking my 1.6 install is not good but before going through the headaches to uninstall and install it again, I wanted to check if anyone else has this issue and, if so, how they got around it.