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    Flash CS4 Professional vs Flex SDK ??




         I'm interested in 'Live Video Streaming'


         I'm a newbie with Flash, but run my own Apache website from a Dell machine in my home office.  I *am* a programmer (with C-based languages), and can handle a bit of Javascript programming too.  My website is www.mesaeastpark.com.   I'm able to show video clips from this site.


         Now, I'd like to learn how to stream live video from my webcam (a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000) to the net.


         I have downloaded and installed the Flash Media Server (Development version), also the Live Video Encoder




         Can Flex SDK (which I downloaded) replace Flash CS4 Professional for this live video streaming task ??  (i.e., I really don't need anything but the video streaming portion).




      -Mel Smith