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    Buy from trial version



      I've installed a trial version of Premiere Elements 8 and I would like to buy it. When Premiere starts up a window pops up where I can continue the trial version, enter a serial number, or buy a serial number online. When I click the Buy online link, I am directed to a page where you can purchase the product for downoad or shipment in a box, but it also says the following:


      Already have a trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements 8 installed on your computer? Continue using the product uninterrupted by clicking the Buy button within the trial to purchase — no need to reinstall the product.


      But I can't find that Buy button. Can anyone tell me where that button is?




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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          On that Premiere Elements 8 page that you are directed to....


          Platform: Windows

          Language: English or whatever is appropriate

          Delivery Method: Download or Ship the Box to Me, you select Download


          Next, did you click on Add to Cart?

          If not, click on Add to Cart and see where that takes you


          I tried to find (via Adobe online chat) the sequence of events after hitting Add to Cart, but got no where quick.


          If you want to buy your online version,

          a. contact Adobe Customer Service for details


          b. Hit Add to Cart which I am almost sure will lead to a sequence of events to get the purchase complete


          You do all this if you have the tryout version installed, do not want to uninstall it, but want to purchase whatever is already installed. But, remember there are two different versions Premiere Elements 8 and Premiere Elements 8 with the extended photoshop.com features. Make sure you order the right one. One is more expensive than the other.



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            Mich165 Level 1

            Hi ATR,

            Thanks, this worked. I followed step b. After the payment I received a serial number, which I entered in my trial version and after that it was activated.


            One more small problem. I already created a video which still had the text: "Created with Adobe Elements Trial Version" on places where I have used effects or changed clip properties. This text is still there. However when I add new effects, the text is not shown anymore. Should I re-add all the effects or is there an easier way to get rid of this message?



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Check out Steve Grisetti's classic FAQ on removing those watermarks....