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    Yes or No Question


      I'm very new to coding in Flash, so before I spend a lot of time attempting this, thought I would find out if it was possible first.


      I am creating some flash files for a CD, the last file has questions that the student must answer correctly. Is it possible to do the following:


      1) Track which files have been completed and which ones have not. I am looking to track successful completion, not just opening/viewing - especially on the questions.


      2) Provide a login/password option for locations that will use the cd but only have one computer and multiple students.


      If I can not do this in Flash, do you know what I should look at? We were able to do this with Authorware. Since Authorware is no longer supported, we chose Flash as our new develoopment tool. Now we are moving on to the CD courses and have run into this challenge.