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    Can't view HTML file names in HTML Files (Topics) Folder in Project Manager

    Freespirit-ST Level 1

      In RH8, I want to see the HTML file names instead of topic titles in Project Manager.  I chose the Toggle Project Manager View button, and the folder name changed to "HTML Files (Topics)" from "Project Files".  However, the HTML Files (Topics) folder lists the topics with topic titles, rather than the HTM file names.  I expected to see the topic list in the Project Manager pane with HTM file names.


      What should I be doing to view the topics by HTM file names in Project Manager?  Is the toggle not working correctly, or am I not understanding what the toggle button is used for?


      This occurs for every project we have - all of which were upgraded from RoboHelp X5 to RH8.


      Thanks for your Help.