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    Trouble unifying path to make a shape...


      I often work with CAD data and the typical output is a vectored postscript file that has a unique line per edge. Right now I have several labels that were sourced from CAD programs that I need to convert into a useable graphic. The problem comes from the fact that the eps output does not merge the vertices of the text/graphic outlines. Instead, each segment of the path that defines the shape is a unique line with unique verts.


      I could spend hours selecting vert pairs, averaging them, and then joining them. Please tell me there is a better way?


      Cheers and thanks for the help!


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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          You make like the Join Nearest scripts by James here: http://www.illustrationetc.com/AI_Javascripts/PathScripts.htm

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            Rick Johnson's Concatenate might even suite you better it has an interface and more control I believe and everyone that i have ever recommended this to has thank me over and over for doing so.


            It does cost $10 but you will see it is worth it.




            and some of his other plugins might work for you and some of his free stuff as well.


            I just checked out your demo file and the way the text characters are constructed they have the interior shapes made of a different path that is not a compound path and there for they both fill when concatenated.


            If you want to fill it with a color or make those characters as one shape you have to turn the one at a time into compound paths or compound shapes.


            So you may still have a problem


            Perhaps if there is a way that jets script works differently fro some reason then you might overcome this problem.


            Screen shot 2009-10-12 at 7.56.21 PM.png

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              Skyburners Level 1

              Thank you for both answers!


              I tried the "Join Nearest" script and it complained that I had not selected 2 or more paths. I experimented with it a bit but couldnt get it to recognize my selections. I will noodle with it and see if I can coax it into being nice.


              As for "Concatenate", this would most likely be the ticket. I haven't tried this one out because I only have CS4 installed and there appears to be a problem with the CS4 version and the Windows version of it. I will try a CS2 install tomorrow and see if it will work in demo mode. If so, I'll pony up the 20$ out of pocket if I can't get my job to pay for it (slow corporate procurement!).


              I'm not overy concerned about the overlapping shapes causing problems. I can always address these on a case by case. Its the other 90% that means a lot of manual work if I can't get the plugins/scripts to work. I've got quite a few of these to convert into 3d textures for application and not a lot of time to spend processing them. Its either this or rasterizing the old fasion way with screen caps.


              Thanks for the help Wade. It would seem that this should be a native function. If I am not mistaken, even Corel had this a decade  ago...

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                Yes everyone is happy with this product and when they work out the CS 

                4 version you will be able to upgrade free. When Concatenating I found 

                the angle of 135 to be best with a smaller that 1 point gap for small