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    Cannot handle the request because a modal dialog or alert is active


      I'm getting this error in a script, and can't figure out why.  Earlier in the script, I open a dialog and then close it before I begin processing.  The error occurs in processing when I try to set the CellStyle on some cells in a table.


      I get the message in debug mode, so it could be complaining about the debug window.  In non-debug mode, my script runs through but no styles are changed.


      Anybody got any ideas?


      Code except:


              var currentLine = myFirst;
              while (currentLine<myLast) {
                  var lineOffset = currentLine - myFirst;
                  with (myTable.rows.[currentLine])  {
                      if (myCellStyle != null && myCellStyle.text != '')  {
                          cells.everyItem().appliedCellStyle = myCellStyle.text;


      Full script attached