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    Acrobat Javascript button not loading when PDF is opened in browser


      We have a requirement to have a custom print button in Acrobat Reader 9.1.3. We've created this via a JavaScript file stored in the users application data Adobe javascript folder. The button appears when Acrobat is started up normally and works as expected. However when opening a pdf file via Internet Explorer 7  acrobat is loaded inside the browser but the button does not appear automatically. Instead we need to right click on the tool bar and select Add on tools for the button to appear. Once loaded it works as expected.

      Now I was wondering is there a way to make the button to appear automatically when acrobat is launched from within IE as my users are getting a bit annoyed now. I've been searching all over the place and can't find a solution to this.


      Am hoping someone here might have an idea as to what the problem might be. I've attached the code I'm using below.


      Thanks in advance


      cName: "myToolButton",
      cExec: "printGreen()",
      cEnable: true,
      cTooltext: "Print to Green",
      cLabel: "Print to Green"
      global.objDoc = this;
      printGreen = app.trustedFunction (
      var objPrintParams = this.getPrintParams();
      objPrintParams.printerName = "\\\\burns\\prn-cash-copier";
      objPrintParams.interactive = objPrintParams.constants.interactionLevel.automatic;