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      Hello out there,


      I have been having an ongoing adventure in hooking up with a scheme to convert .flv files to .avi DV NTSC files to work smoothly in PE. Through the helpful contributions of this forum I managed to find a process using my then current conversion software, AVS, to go first to a .WMV file and then through Windows Movie Maker to the desired .avi file.  This process works OK but is a bit cumbersome if you need to covert a lot of files. In particular, because AVS only converts one file at a time, and in order to go directly to a DV format I would have had to purchase the DV Codec in addition to the base software. Hence the two step process via Windows Movie Maker. 


      To get to a one step batch process, I picked up Digital Media Converter Pro 3.3. However, in trying multiple combinations of video and audio settings for a .avi conversion file, I am repeatedly getting a PE error message indicating an "unsupported audio rate" when I try to import it.  I am runnining PE 4.0 on an HP a1610n Pavilion Desktop.


      I carried on several exchanges with Digital Media support and they indicated that I check to make sure that I had the latest Realtep High Definition audio driver. I did an online scan with HP and they indicated that I was up to date. They also indicated that they did a test converting a .flv file to a .avi file using the following  AVI conversion settings.


                               Video: XVID, 25FPS, 1024 Kbits Bitrate, Keeping the source dimensions.
                               Audio: PCM, 44100Khz, 1411Kbps bitrate, stereo.


      Further they indicated that they were able to import that conversion into PE 8.0. and it was accepted and played in the timeline. I asked them if a colored line appeared above the elapsed time in the timeline and they indicated that it was red, but could not remember exactly. They further suggested that there might be an issue between the two versions of PE.


      When I did the coversions via Windows Movie Maker those files went into PE with no line, which according to the adivce in this forum, was due to the fact that the .avi DV NTSC file format is what PE prefers to function most efficienty. As I have understood this it has something to do with what PE must do in processing these files in the editiing process. Red inidcates that more processing is required before effects and and transitions can procees.


      So then,  anyone have any light to shed on this situation?


      In the end, I can batch convert the .flv files using Digital Media Pro to .WMV files and then another sort of batch conversion using Windows Movie Maker. Still a two step process but batching saves considerable time.  However, if anyone has some insight to resolve this one way or the other I'd appreciate your thoughts.....Thanks    TT