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    Custom Colors in Kuler

      I am currently making maps and would like to do a number of different color schemes to see which looks better when projected.

      Because the colors will be used in a map, I want the intensity of each color to stay the same. Can I lock the small probes on the color wheel into place and move them around on the color wheel, generating similar color schemes but with different colors?

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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hello, if you created a custom theme in kuler, currently you cannot lock the markers.

          The only way we know to do this is actually in Illustrator CS3, if you have it, where you can take a custom rule, and still lock the colors together.
          - Save kuler theme to Swatches panel
          - Double-click on theme (this will open up Live Color dialog), colors should be "locked"
          - Select any one color, and play with hue (make sure siders are in HSV)