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    RH 7: Share topics across multiple RH files?


      I'm working on an application with over a dozen separate modules.  Each of those modules has its own RoboHelp file, but there are 6 or 7 introductory topics that we really need to share across all of the modules.


      Currently, we're copying and pasting those pages individually into each file/module.  As you can imagine, when we need to update one of those introductory topics it's a real pain cascading those changes through all 12+ files.


      Is there any way that we can store those files in a central location but share them within all the other files so that they appear as the first topics in each file's table of contents?  (As in the picture below--the Getting Started topics would be the shared topics, but they would appear to be an organic part of any given module's Help TOC.)



      Thanks so much!


      (PS, if the solution is "Buy RH 8, that would be good to know, too.)