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    problems with multichannel audio of R3D Red camera files


      hi my friends,

      i have R3D red camera files that contain two discrete independent audio channels,

      channel 1 is empty, channel 2 contains audio from a microphone,

      situation is this


      i edited in proxies, quicktime prores files in final cut,

      then i brought that into premiere CS4 in PC


      at that point i went to replace all MOV quicktime files by the original R3D source files


      all works perfect, but


      the problem is in the audio,

      for some reason premiere replaces the audio of the quicktime with only the channel 1 of the audio of the R3D red camera files,

      so most of my files that have channel 1 empty, and whose channel 2 contains the audio, end up totally silent, as when replacing

      the quicktimes by the R3Ds premiere seems to be taking the audio of the R3Ds only from their first channel instead of preserving both independent audio channels 1 and 2 separated


      thank you so much for any help