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    how to invoke updateDisplayList method in the custom layout?

    DilipShah Level 1

      I've a group of buttons that get placed in a SkinnableDataContainer with the help of a custom layout class as follows:


      <s:SkinnableDataContainer id="buttonsContainer"
          width="{DIAPLAY_WIDTH}" height="{BUTTON_HEIGHT+4}"
              <layout:ButtonsLayout />


      myButtons is an ArrayCollection of VOs and VO has x and y coordinates as fields. Values of x and y determine the location of the button. When I add an object to myButtons, the application behaves as expected (adds a button in buttonsContainer at specified x and y coordinate). But when I just change values of x and y of an existing button, the buttons don't get repositioned. I have tried calling invalidateDisplayList on buttonsContainer but that doesn't trigger updateDisplayList method in the custom layout ButtonsLayout.


      How do I trigger updateDisplayList method in the custom layout so that the button positions get updated whenever an event changes values of x and y of a button?