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    Every Fourth Frame

    RGPatt Level 1

      I am having a bizarre problem.  I have a video resolution composition at 23.976 fps.  I have added a layer which is small photoshop file as a patch to the main layer which is the only other layer in the comp.  I want to manually reposition the patch each frame.  I set the keyframe interpolation to hold.  I step through the comp and reposition the patch by having it selected in the time line and using the arrow keys.  This works fine for three frames but then on the fourth frame it does not work.  The postion updates in the timeline display but the patch does not move in the comp window.  When I go on to the next frame it works properly and continues to do so for two more frames.  Then I hit the same problem again.


      Does anyone have any clue as to what could be causing this.  Both the comp and the video layer are set to 23.976 fps.

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          RGPatt Level 1

          This may have been a corrupted project.  It was happening on my Intel Mac with CS3.  When I moved to a G5 and started over from scratch, it went away.  Then when I took that new project back to the Intel Mac, it did not have the problem.